Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Nicest Bar in Sioux Falls is Behind This Door

Yes, that's a door. 

In fact, that is the entry to Ass'ociates & Co., the new addition to The Attic. The construction is finally done and service started this past week.

I'm going to get right to the point. This is the nicest bar in Sioux Falls. Hands down. 

The entire experience brings to mind a speakeasy. Lots of deep colors and dark wood. Some crushed velvet upholstery and leather chairs make for very comfortable seating. The sound system is still being installed, so no on-demand tunes just yet, except for the player piano. Between the designer lighting and a huge fish tank atop the 14 taps, there is a lot going on. The bar itself is huge and serves the inside area (obviously) as well as an outdoor patio and four-season patio area. There are still plenty of tv's and watching football this fall when the weather is just perfect and the windows on the four-season room are wide open is going to be pretty great. You must check it out.

The menu is the same as The Attic. I know a lot of folks miss some old standbys, but the new ramped up menu definitely ups the ante. If you haven't tried a burger yet, you should get it on your list of priorities. You'll also find some rather sophisticated cocktails on the Ass'ociates drink menu, such as sweet heat gimlets (jalapeño infused vodka and spices) and old fashioneds made with infused bourbon. The glassware alone is worth ordering a variety of drinks.

The best part? 21 and over only! That's right. No kids running amok between baseball tournament games.

The other best part? Ass'ociates is right next door to The Attic! This is a two-fer you won't want to miss.

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