Sunday, December 20, 2009

Downtown Scene Update: Check out the great happy hour specials at Paramount.

A few weeks ago, I wandered into Paramount for a post-work libation. Once a stand-alone facility, Paramount is now part of the Minerva's empire. A doorway was opened through the adjoining wall, and with it magically flowed Minerva's full liquor license. Prior to the merger, Paramount only offered wine and beer selections. Now, folks who would like to have a martini, margarita, or glass of Bourbon, can get one.

Another boon is the punched-up menu of appetizers available. Paramount previously offered a few things to nibble on, such as shrimp, cheeses, and other small snacks that could easily be prepared sans kitchen. Now, you can get a selection of various freshly-prepared items, including, most notably, a nice beef chislic with a nice hint of rosemary, served with some barbecue sauce for dipping and some fresh hot fries. Pretty tasty.

The real deal, though is happy hour, which runs until 7 PM, when you can get a number of items, including appetizers, wines and cocktails, for just $6 each. Beer is on the list too. You get two 16-ounce tap beers for $6. There is a nice little grouping of wines on the happy hour list, including Cline Cashmere and J. Lohr's Paso Robles Cabernet. There are also some m=nice whites. Cocktail selections include a nice margarita, served as one should be, on the rocks in a pint glass. Paramount also has a pretty respectable selection of beers on tap, which usually include something seasonal, like Sam Adams Winter Lager, and a micro brew that you might not find elsewhere in town.

If you haven't been by Paramount for a while, stop by to take a break during some holiday shopping or after work.