Sunday, December 19, 2010

You sound like an idiot, just so you know.

I've heard some people say that we midwesterners have no accent, especially us South Dakotans. Tom Brokaw was the anchor for NBC Nightly News. He didn't have an accent. Right?

Well, just because most people don't run around here talking like extras from the movie "Fargo" doesn't mean that we don't seem to have certain proclivities to abuse the beautiful thing that is the English language. For instance, some people have a seeming inability to pronounce a "g" at the end of most, of not all, words that end in "ing." "We went runnin' down to the pool to go swimmin!" Hate that.

So, what does this have to do with food? I'm getting to that. If there is anything as "Sioux Falls" as two-fer burger night on Tuesday, it's the powerful urge to add "'s" to the end of any restaurant name. Sure, there is McDonald's, and Minerva's, and Foley's. Unfortunately, around here we also have Bracco's, Inca's, and Spezia's. Honest to goodness, I've seen other businesses near 57th and Western advertise their location by stating they are behind Bracco's.

Come on, pay attention. Bracco is not a bar and restaurant founded and operated by Bruno and Barb Bracco and their kids Billy, Bruce, and Bobbie. Inca is the name of a native Central American culture. It is not a surname. Same with Spezia- whatever the hell a "spezia" is. La Spezia is a location in Italy.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and quit adding the possessive "'s" to the end of every restaurant name.


Matt Merritt said...

I'm guilty of "Spezia's", I admit. *sob*

Anonymous said...

I know a woman who not only tacks the "s" on the end, she pronounces it "SPEE-zia's". She also says "Keya-wannis"".

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! I SOOOO agree with you! I am a business owner myself (restaurant). My partner and I named our business the name we chose to avoid the " 's " completely... however, 4 out of 5 checks, and an unbelievable number of conversations will included the abbreviated "_______'s" name rather than what is boldly stated on the windows and awning. I have gotten so touchy about it that if I am solicited for a service or advertising and they do not get our name right, I promptly dismiss any thought of doing business with them. And believe me, it happens ALL the time.