Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dreams Do Come True: Bahn Mi in Sioux Falls

A while back, I was commenting on a Asian pork sandwich that was featured as a special at Grille 26.  That sandwich was good, although I think the excitement over having something fairly good at Grille 26 might have made the review a tad overly enthusiastic.  Here's the post.  Judge for yourself.  That's a long way of saying the next week when I went back and had the sandwich, it wasn't nearly as good.  Ultimately, the whole experience made me want a Bahn Mi.

Well, good news!  An authentic, honest to forking goodness Bahn Mi sandwich has been located, and it was worth the wait and anticipation.  Where?  Lam's.

And it is fantastic.  There are five different offerings on the menu, but I must suggest their most popular version, the Special Combo, which is described as containing folds of cold cuts, pork rolls and head cheese.  Don't let that head cheese reference freak you out, it's delicious.  All the meats are prepared in house.  The bread is fresh and slightly crispy, and the pickled carrot and vegetables make that sandwich come alive.  A bright, light salty-sour-sweet-spicy sauce and some fresh cilantro ties it all together.  The best part?  It's all of $4.50.  This may be one of the very best food bargains available in town.

I think Lam's may be cranking out some of the finest Vietnamese fare in Sioux Falls.  It's not real long on atmosphere and the location is perhaps a little out of the way, but it's well worth the trip.  And, from what I hear, people are finding the place.  Get over there and try it out.

Matter of fact, I am having one of those sammies for lunch today.

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I love the pho at lams