Monday, September 3, 2012

WTF: Kid In Bars

It occurs to me that there is such a thing here in South Dakota that I would call the "Family Bar."  Face it, if you find yourself off of I-90 of I-29, especially if more than by, say, 20-30 miles, you are going to find yourself in a small town.  Chances are, that if the town is franchise free (including grocery stores), then there might be a place that serves food.  But, that place is also probably the town bar. So, if you are going to eat, bowl, play video lottery, shoot pool, watch football on the NFL Package, or play Golden Tee, this is it.  Chances further are, the kids who are running around the joint are related to you or are kids of friends you know or at least like.

In Sioux Falls, this isn't true.  At all.  We have places where families can eat, and mommie and daddy can get some alcohol- think Granite City, Applebees, Olive Garden, or any other number of places.  But, there are also places that are more bar, or all bar, that just happen to serve food.  I am thinking of places like T.C.'s Referee, Cherry Creek or The Attic.  Most of these places try to have a couple "sides" of the joint, i.e. a bar side versus the restaurant side.  Granted, this is even better since the smoking ban because no place was really smoke free previously.  This is great if you like to have your kids experience bar food.  It's bad, however, if you like bar sans kids.

Look, I have a simple plea:  If you bring your kids to a place where adults (21, or so, and up) are hanging out drinking, eating, and doing whatever, please control your forking kids.  I am sure they are really adorable and all.  I am sure grandma and grandpa love them.  I am sure they are harmless.  BUT, I don't want them forking with a dart game I have going with the SSS because they are intrigued by the lights and sounds.  And, I don't want to teach your kids new vocabulary words.  (Think of things that rhyme with "Duck" and especially things that rhyme with "Mother Ducker.")

If you are going to bring your kid(s) to a bar here in Sioux Falls, for the forking love of God, exercise a great deal of parental control.  Watch them.  Don't allow them to run around with a dollar to put in any flashing machine without supervision,  And, whatever you do, do NOT just let them roam.  I am sure your kids are lovely.  But think of it this way: If you take your kids to a sitter so you and a few other friends or couples friends can have a diner party at your house, don't turn your little darlings loose on me in my bar.

Am I clear?

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Dick said...

There should be a designated family only area so that those families can enjoy each others kids.