Monday, August 6, 2012

WTF: Sushi Gone Wild

In case you haven't noticed, Sioux Falls has apparently gone absolutely ape over raw fish.  There was a time when you could only get it at Sushi Masa.  Now you can get it at the Empire Mall.  A breakfast/lunch joint (Whisk & Chop) closes and a sushi joint opens in its place.  I was driving down a stretch of W. 41st Street yesterday and noticed yet another sushi and hibachi joint opening in a strip mall.  Seriously, what the hell is going on and how much of this can this town support?

I was wondering exactly that when I went to lunch today.  Yes, a Monday.  As much as I don't believe in ever eating sushi on a Monday, the Secret Soup Spoon had a real sushi jones going.  So, we hit the 57th and Louise branch of Tokyo right at noon.  Normally there is a sign on one of the two doors at most Tokyo restaurants advising diners to "Use Another Door."  No sign today and you couldn't use any door.  Hmmmmm.

Like I said the SSS was craving sushi, so off to Fuji at 41st and Kiwanis.  Noon.  Hardly anyone in the place.  Either the SSS and I are among the half dozen idiots, or so, who eat sushi on a Monday or this town has hit the saturation point.

Any info?

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