Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Liquor Sales Update: The Fork Told Ya

I said this would happen.

Anyone been to Hy Vee on 26th and Sycamore lately?  Walk back to the corner where the beer is- right by the eggs and yogurt.  Then walk up to the register going down the aisle where you stop to see if any of those good organic/health food nut sunflower nut cookies are out to sample.  On your way, look to your left and you will see the new in-store liquor department.  It's right about where bath gel or toothpaste used to be.  I didn't swing in there.  Pretty small and probably only a small hold over until the new super duper liquor area like the one at 37th Street and on Louise Ave can be opened where Boomers used to be.

Speaking of that remodeling, I wonder what's taking so long.  Maybe they are just waiting for that Boomer's smell to dissipate before they can start construction.

Anyone want to take a whack at the over/under on how long Gregor's stays open?

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