Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wooo Hooo: New Top Chef Season Begins Tonight!

The new season of Top Chef begins tonight on Bravo.  The Fork loves Top Chef.  Granted, who gets kicked off when seems to be manipulated by the producers to make sure one long shot makes it entirely too far and whichever contestant plays worst with the others makes it too far and its a bit formulaic (just like all the other design shows on Bravo) but what a fun show to watch!

Its fun to watch the creativity of the talented contestants.  Top Chef confirms to me that there is a huge difference between people who can cook very, very well and people who have the artistic vision and talent to create interesting dishes.  The Fork can cook, but give the Fork a can of tuna, a bag of marshmallows and 15 minutes to create some haute cuisine, and don't expect much.

The other fun thing about the beginning of a new season of Top Chef is to watch the hapless schmucks who manage to screw up right out of the chute.

We'll be talking about this new season in the weeks to come.

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Love Tom said...

Love Top Chef. Would love to be a "guest" when they do the restaurant wars. Tom Colicchio...swoon....